John’s Gospel 13 v 4-5Matthew 26 v 57-75Isaiah 53 v 1-9

In the Armenian Church colander we celebrate “Maundy” Thursday in three stages:

  1. Badarak ……Communion Service… representing the Last Supper morning
  2. Vodnoleva….Washing of the disciple’s feet afternoon
  3. Khavaroom …Betrayal and trial of the Lord Night Vigil

The Servant King

The act of washing the feet reveals to us the humility of Christ… Servant NOT Master.  If Jesus, Lord of all, chose to lower Himself to perform the least important job by washing His friends’ feet, then we should be willing to serve others too. Christ our Lord set an example for. Foot washing was very common in Bible times, but not so today.

The Suffering Christ

We see in the Gospel narratives, the suffering and agony that our Lord went through… the accusations, the beating, the spitting and the mental torture that he experienced… throughout the night… Total darkness, humiliation, no compassion towards Jesus, the agony of betrayal and deep loneliness …despite the good that Jesus performed to all those he encountered with. We read all this in the book of the prophet Isaiah 53 as he prophecies about Christ nearly 700 years earlier.

As we think of the sufferings of Christ… let us pray that the Holy Spirit enable us to fix our eyes on Jesus… praying and helping one another as Christ asked us to do.

Remembering in our prayers those who are suffering through war, prosecuted for their faith, hungry and cold due to extreme poverty, lonely and rejected.

As our Bishop Vahan reminded us that we need to become the light of Christ shining in the dark avenues of this world and bring the joy of Christ to all whom we meet.

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