Armenian Genocide Exhibition in Cork, Nov 16, 2015

On Monday, November 16th Armenian Community in Ireland have launched a photo exhibition dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in the Central Library of Cork. The event was leaded by the initiator and organizer of the exhibition Mr. Jimmy Lynch from the local community.

The exhibition was launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mick Nugent. In his speech Mr. Nugent talked about the international process of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Referring to the number of countries and international organizations which already recognized the Armenia Genocide, and the overwhelming oral, written, and diplomatic evidence he classified that the actions of the Ottoman Empire against Armenians was a Genocide. Mr. Nugent represents Sinn Féin political party that earlier this year has called on the Irish Government to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide ahead of the centenary commemoration of the Genocide on 24th April.

Being a descendant of the Genocide survivor, Armenian Honorary Consul in Ireland Mr. Ohan Yergainharsian, gave a brief historical introduction on the Armenian Genocide based on his family story.

Among the invitees was a Limerick born Irish writer Martine Madden, the author of “Anyush” – a heart breaking story told with a great passion and feeling, based on factual events during the First World War and the terrible events that happened with Armenian population in Ottoman Empire in that era. In her very passionate and emotional speech Martine provided a comprehensive historical background on the Armenian Genocide, concluding with a famous quote from Adolf Hitler’s speech a week before the German invasion of Poland – “Who, after all, speaks today about the annihilation of the Armenians?”.

Representing the Armenian Community in Ireland, Mr. Aram Hakhumyan gave an introduction to the exhibition panels and introduced to the audience the historical documents discovered in 2015 during the cataloguing of a collection of law books by Jennefer Aston, an Irish law librarian and book seller.The documents were kindly provided for the exhibition by Johana and Anna Dunlop an Armenian-Irish mother and daughter.

Mr. Hakhumyan highlighted the importance of raising the awareness on the Genocide and expressed his gratitude towards the Cork Central Library for hosting the exhibition and Mr. Lynch for his enormous efforts that made this to happen.

The event was concluded by Mr. Lynch presenting the Hadji Bey’s Turkish Delight sweeties to the speakers. The ‘Hadji Bey’ product line has been set up by Harutun Batmazian, an Armenian immigrant who left the perils of the Ottoman Empire behind him and arrived in Cork early 1900’s. He set up his famous sweet shop on MacCurtain Street in Cork, which was emblazoned ‘Hadji Bey et Cie’ in 1902.

The exhibition carries the educational and historical purpose and it is agreed that the number of school classes will attend the exhibition. The exhibition will run till the end of November.

Armenian Community in Ireland, 18/11/2015


Cork Exhibition Launch Event
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Cork Exhibition Preparation

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Photos by Aram Hakhumyan

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