The Parable of the Unjust Judge

Luke 18 v 1-18
4th week of the Great Lent

Our Lord spoke this parable highlighting interesting points of the day…. Which are relevant also to us today.

The immediate view of the parable shows us about a judge who was both unjust and not compassionate. As our Primate mentions in his E-Newsletter the judge listened to cases which were from affluent people and probably ignored the pleas of those who were poor and powerless in society… and in this case the poor widow who needed him to tend to her case. Probably one would say that the Judge was “Selfish”. Despite the very fact the Judge should have known very well the greatest command in the Bible “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart ….. and Love your neighbor as yourself” Gospel of Mark 12 v  30-31.

We can at times become like the Judge… lack of love, lack of compassion and lack generosity… probably selfish in our attitudes…

HOWEVER on a positive note on this parable, our Lord Jesus Christ wants to teach us two positive lessons during this lent period:

1. Pray always. Never give up praying. Whereas the companion parable on persistence in prayer, the Parable of the Friend at Midnight, teaches us that God is not reluctant to hear and grant answers to prayer, this parable focuses on a dogged persistence in prayer.

2. Praying at all times and for all situations… however big or however small.

Prayer is a living relationship with someone we truly love. St. Paul writes in

1 Thessalonians 5:17 saying: “Pray without ceasing”

This reminds us of our Sourp Krikor Lusavorich, who in the dungeon for many years, continued to pray for the People and Nation of Armenia that they would believe in Christ… the outcome is well known in our history. This is a good example for all us.

One of the highlights of our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  in January this year… was spending time in St. James’ Armenian Church, in Jerusalem, to pray …

Let us all during this Great Lent and always… cultivate a heart of compassion… be filled with love and generosity…

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