Leinster vs. Berlin Competition

On 11th April 2017, a group of our club players participated in the international friendly competition between the teams representing chess clubs from Berlin, North Dublin, South Dublin, and Leinster. Each team was represented by 17 players playing 3 games between each other. Gagik Avetisyan, Alik Paronyan, Hayk Avetisyan, and Nare Paronyan, were representing South Dublin team, while Arsen Hakhumyan joined Berlin team to complete visiting team missing one player in the squad. Despite South Dublin team came the last in the competition, Alik Paronyan was the only one in South Dublin team who beat all his 3 opponents! For his exceptional result, he was awarded Top Player’s prize. Congratulations to Alik for his amazing performance and to the rest of our club players who contributed to their team(s) success.

Overall winners were Berlin team outrunning North Dublin team by 3.0 tie-break points. Playing for Berlin team, Arsen was very excited getting a gold medal and was presented with a box of wonderful German chocolate by the coach. Arsen is looking forward for the club re-openning to share the prize with his club-mates.

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